Our non-ported series ideal for all types of shot and flight control wads.


Specifically designed for flight control wads in turkey loads. Works well with hand loaded TSS.


Helical slotted ports that will slow the shot wad allowing better shot patterns.



About Rectifire

Rectifire, Inc. promises nothing but the highest quality in our products. The Management and employees of Rectifire, Inc. are committed to providing our customers with a top quality product and service by producing and shipping each order on time. Rectifire, Inc. was formed by some of the best Design and Manufacturing Engineers in the manufacturing sector. We have over 69 years combined experience and a “State Of The Art” Manufacturing Facility that allows us to continually establish and produce exceptional quality & high performance products. We manufacture all of our own products. Let our experience give you the advantage by purchasing our products.

Rectifire, Inc. was established in January of 2017 by Jerry (Father) and Alan Tuten (Son). It’s now owned and operated by Alan Tuten. Jerry has been in the manufacturing business since age 13 with his father Turner Tuten who started the company Hampton Tool & Die in 1968. Alan started working with both father and grandfather when he was 8 years of age. Jerry and Alan have been working together now for 25 years and have learned all their trade by on the job experience.

When August 15th arrives each year, Jerry and Alan have another passion in mind. That is, whitetail deer hunting in our hometown Brunson, South Carolina. While having our own manufacturing facility and the love of hunting, we couldn’t help, but to get started in making our own firearm accessories.

Our #1 goal in life and this business is to use this opportunity to spread the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May all, who is willing, be blessed by our Father which is in Heaven.

Made In The USA

We are located in South Carolina and manufacture all our products right here in the USA! Check out our online shop.

Quality Guaranteed

Rectifire, Inc. promises nothing but the highest quality in our products. We manufacture all of our own products, including choke tubes and muzzle brakes, in our facility.